IT Support Packages

Trusting and understanding SAFAQATI are two main things that we believe are crucial to the success or failure of our customer’s business. SAFAQATI is proud to offer its high level service and is always ready to support your entire network or to assist your IT Manager.

We, at SAFAQATI, like to keep it simple at all times. So when it comes to packages, we usually offer a standard IT support package. However, changes or adding any extras can be made to any type package. You can tailor-make a package that best suits your needs.

Packages differ according to two main things: budget and business requirements. We will be more than happy to assist you in creating the best package for you that includes all your needs and still within your budget.

IT Support Packages
Pay As You Go

Our Pay As You Go package is for businesses seeking a support service without having to commit to a monthly support contract.

This is ideal for: general one-off support issues, emergency support, project work and for companies that already have an IT department but require additional resources.

This service covers both remote and on-site support work, whatever your needs are.


Our Standard package provides all the IT support required for a small business. It’s about a fixed monthly cost for an effective IT support.


Our most popular managed package is for companies that depend heavily on their IT systems. It includes the Standard package, plus: guaranteed response times, comprehensive reporting, vendor management and ongoing IT strategy consulting.

There are no hidden extra costs or block booking of engineers time that needs to be used by a certain date.


Our Total package is the crème de la crème of IT support packages. It includes everything in the Premium package, plus more remote hours. Ideal for companies with extended operating hours that demands the highest uptimes.

This service is the foundation of your company that minimizes risks, maximizes efficiency, plans for your future goals and achieves sustained growth.