Custom PCs

Build your dream PC!

A real high-end and gaming PC, for instance, must be focused on Customization, Service, Gaming, and Technology. This is SAFAQATI PC's specialty.

Why Choose Us? This is a legitimate question. There are, without a doubt, many other good companies that offer building a PC according to the customer’s needs. However, SAFAQATI not only provides this service, but does it from A to Z, making sure that the end user enjoys a high performance PC which is up to his/her standards.

You can comfortably rely on SAFAQATI whenever demanding a high performance and supreme build quality, thanks to our dedicated and personal support team. SAFAQATI always makes sure that you get an excellent experience that is powered by the most advanced technology.

SAFAQATI covers all your needs for performance, quality, and dependability.

As soon as the latest technology becomes available, SAFAQATI directly put its hands on it. To maximize your productivity and enjoyment, we are glad to let you know that our Custom PCs are powered by cutting-edge processors and ground-breaking audio, video, and memory capabilities. Our systems feature no proprietary components in a fully upgradeable architecture which allows you to upgrade and expand to future technology and the life of your system.